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Below you'll get the truth about PTSD answered...

Jim Bunch

Wealth Coach
Creator of The Ultimate Game Of Life shares how he overcame a 90% financial haircut due to the crash of 2008 and suffer from Financial PTSD.
Jim Bunch

Corbin Cowan 

Wealth Strategist
Sufferred from Business PTSD from bankruptcy only to battle back to go all one last time and almost lose it all even worse than before.
Frank Kern

Audra Hajj

The Phoenix
32 Foster Homes by age 10 left this little girl scared from Sexual PTSD to being told she should never have kids only to rise up out of the ashes.
Audra Hajj

Lawton Chiles

Direct Sales Copywriter
Born 1 pound 6 oucnes saying he wouldn't make it through the night the battle of Blind PTSD created his super power of words that sell. 
Frank Kern

Dr. Ken Druck

Courageous Living
After losing his daughter to an accident he turned his Living Loss PTSD into Post Traumatic Strength serving millions with his message.
Frank Kern

Kristen Hayes

Soul Inspired Life Catalyst
After being jumped & beaten by a gang, Assault PTSD haunted her for years until she healed the invisible wounds by soul love.
Kristen Hayes

Bryan Post

Post Institute
Dealing with murder before being born Bryan battled with Traumatic PTSD until one day he made a decision to change it all.
Bryan Post

Mario Camacho 

Sgt Camacho US Marine Corps 
Witnessed a war that left babies in the line of fire that created Traumatic PTSD that drives him to help get through the inivisble wounds of war.
Frank Kern

Curtis Jones

Gunny Jones US Marines Corps
Led the unit into the 9/11 Crime Scene to pull out the black box only to listen to the screams of Flight 93 and develope Traumatic PTSD..
Frank Kern

John Pomposello

New York Police Department 
Almost murdered over a dozen times during his 15 years with the NYPD by the mob & other cops. Then 2 years retired develops Traumatic PTSD
"JP" John Pomposello

Jody Jelas

Lady Balls
At age 7 her innocence was taken with Sexual PTSD that left her keeping everyone at arms length to protect from fits of inner rage. 
Frank Kern

Rondi Lambeth

Credit Restoration Expert
Turned his brother's Financial Suicide into his crusade for helping serve others to stop suicide and bring themselves back financially..
Frank Kern